Discover the history associated with June 19, 1865

In 1865, laws changed across the United States to allow the freedom of all African-Americans. However, these freedoms did not go into effect in Texas until June 19, 1865. Once freedom was given to those in bondage in Texas, American slavery finally ended in full.

Juneteenth festivals have been celebrated nationwide, and now we will have our second celebration on June 19, 2020. Location TBD. Join us for this historic day.

Despite the end of slavery in America, African-Americans have not yet reached a truly equal status. Sadly, in many places, including Greensboro, hate crimes and excessive force have still been used against people based on the color of their skin. What is often said about the status of African-Americans in the United States isn't always what is experienced.

Commemorating a significant date like Juneteenth is a way to remember where we came from but also to remember where we are going. It is important to celebrate the progress that has been made, but just as important to keep fighting for true equality.

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