How your donations will help the future of the Juneteenth Festival

As a nonprofit organization, the Juneteenth Festival of Greensboro relies on the donations and sponsorship of the people. All donations made to the event will go toward covering the cost of the activities and future Juneteenth celebrations.

Any amount will be an appreciated blessing. Those who donate $100 or more will secure a spot in the commemorative book celebrating the 1st annual event. Please use the secure donation form below to make a donation today.

Our Juneteenth Festival may be in its first year, but we have a goal to keep it going for many years to come. The importance of this date must never be forgotten, and progress must be made in our country toward the goal of truly equal rights. A celebration such as this will educate the public, entertain the guests and move the people forward to a brighter tomorrow for all.

We plan to hold fundraisers throughout the year where you can make donations to future Juneteenth Festivals.