Celebrate one of the most important days in black history

Commemorate the End of Slavery in America

Enjoy a evening festival with family and friends

Juneteenth has been a day of celebration for African-Americans around the country for over 150 years. Marking the end of slavery in America, this date reminds us all of the importance of fighting for what's right.

Join us on June 19, 2020 for our 2nd Annual Juneteenth Festival. Location TBD. The event will feature all kinds of family-friendly entertainment, including:

  • Food
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Activities
  • Speakers

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What Is Juneteenth?

What Is Juneteenth?

Learn more about this historic date in history.

Our 2nd Annual Juneteenth Festival

Our 2nd Annual Juneteenth Festival

Join us in Greensboro, NC on June 19, 2020.



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Why this date is special

June 19, 1865 was a very special day in America. It was the day the last remaining African-American slaves were freed from bondage in Texas, marking the end of slavery nationwide.

It's important to remember where we came from in order to know where we are going. Celebrating the freedom of Juneteenth is an essential part of continuing to move forward, toward true equality for all people in our great nation.

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Plans for today and the future

Our goal with this festival is to not only celebrate the end of slavery, but also to keep the celebration going. We want this to be an annual event, growing into a large-scale festival in downtown. With our hard work and your dedicated support, the Greensboro Juneteenth Festival will become an annual tradition.

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